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Our Apples

One thing, we can assure our customers is of our commitment to sourcing the best apples as we await our own harvest. Throughout the year he keeps a careful watch on his trees and maintain them with the latest growing techniques. Every winter each one of his 50,000 trees is trimmed by hand. In the spring he brings in over 400 hives of bees to help pollinate his crop and he also carefully watches the weather so he can fend off any potential threats of frost. As the first orchard to utilize wind machines as an affective deterrent back in 1956 he understands the importance of keeping his trees happy!

The cold winters and precipitation in Upstate New York let his trees grow extra strong, making it one of the best regions in the world for growing apples. Our farmer grows 15 varieties of apples on his land in the hills and valleys of LaFayette, NY. Through his partnership with the Cornell extension they are able to stay up to date on new additions to the market and bring you the latest varieties.

The apples we have selected for our Benjamin’s Best, Razmatazz & Founders Reserve are Macintosh, Fuji, Gala and Empire.